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Maximizing Your Donor Dollars (and Free Dollars) Through Digital Marketing presented by Search Influence

Ended Aug 14, 2019

Full course description

Learning Objectives: 

What is the Google Ads grant program? 

● Application process & who is eligible 

● Most important guidelines to keeping your account in good standing  

● How to build out your campaign to leverage more of your allocation and potentially earn more 

Using Social Media to Influence Your Cause

Learning Objectives: 

● Best practices that Nonprofits can utilize for free 

● Choose digital advertising tactics appropriate for your needs and align them with Facebook’s campaign objectives 

● Review targeting options and examples of what has worked well for us 

○ Custom Audiences  

○ Lookalike audiences 

● Tracking success with the Facebook Pixel

Google Analytics 

Learning Objectives: 

● Tracking across multiple websites, domains, and platforms 

● Ecommerce tracking (ex: process for assuring a new ticket type is tracking properly) 

● Understanding conversion types that are most relevant to you 

● Google Tag Manager 

● How to track the effectiveness of your digital marketing campaigns